During the warmer summer months, we offer live entertainment in the outdoor Courtyard, a tree-shaded venue with wonderful natural acoustics.  Many guests have compared the Courtyard to European and New Orleans settings.

Good Will Band
Kelly Meckley
Matt Young
      2016 Summer Concerts in the Courtyard
  3    Fri.     Ron & Kim

11    Sat.    Matt Young

18    Sat.    Mark Lonsinger "ELVIS"

24    Fri.     Good Will Band
    1   Fri.    John Schmid

    9   Sat.   Prism

   15   Fri.    Mark Lonsinger "ELVIS"

   22   Fri.    Ron & Kim

* 29  Fri.  Matt Young
* Please note schedule change
  5  Fri.    Good Will Band

12  Fri.    Kelly Meckley

19  Fri.    Mark Lonsinger "ELVIS"

27  Sat.   Matt Young
Ron & Kim
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John Schmid
Mark Lonsinger - "ELVIS"
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