Hotel Millersburg    35 West Jackson St.
Millersburg, OH 44654    1-800-822-1457 or 800-822-1457
(At the intersection of SR 39/62 and SR 83 in downtown Millersburg)
During the warmer summer months, we offer live entertainment in the outdoor Courtyard, a tree-shaded venue with wonderful natural acoustics.  Many guests have compared the Courtyard to European and New Orleans settings.

Summer Concerts in the Courtyard

All Performances 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Weather Permitting
Mark Lonsinger
Good Will Band
September 27, 2014   -  7:30 p.m.   -  The Buckeye Room Stand Up Comedy Night 
Past performers include Raymond Buckland, veteran performer at venues like the Fillmore
Thumbs McGee

    30  Fri.  Thumbs McGee


     6   Fri.  Kelly Meckley

    13  Fri.  Matt Young

    20  Fri.  Thumbs McGee

    28  Sat.  Mark Lonsinger  - "Elvis"


      4  Fri.   Matt Young

    12  Sat.  Bob Tomassetti

    18  Fri.   Mark Lonsinger "Elvis"

     25  Fri.   Thumbs McGee

       1  Fri.  The Stockdale Brothers

       8  Fri.  Good Will Band

     15  Fri.  Mark Lonsinger  "Elvis"

     22  Fri.  Thumbs McGee

     30  Sat.  Good Will Band

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