Hotel Millersburg    35 West Jackson St.
Millersburg, OH 44654    1-800-822-1457 or 800-822-1457
(At the intersection of SR 39/62 and SR 83 in downtown Millersburg)
Hotel Millersburg lies in the heart of Ohio's earliest frontier - Holmes County, Ohio.  Built in 1847, it is Millersburg's oldest large building, and in its early days, a substantial improvement over the stagecoach inns used by most travelers.

The Hotel, which has been placed on the US Department of Interior's National Register of Historic Places, is located in the center of the Millersburg National Historic district.

As with most historic buildings, the Hotel has undergone a major renovation every 30-40 years.  The latest renovation was in 2013 when the former Holmes County Administration Building was acquired and adjoined to the Hotel.  This added six new guest rooms that overlook the Courthouse.

In 2006, an elevator, a lobby, four new guest rooms and a  larger kitchen was added.  Original elements of the Hotel include the building exterior, tin ceilings throughout the first floor, tin walls in the Lincoln Room, and two-inch thick solid maple entry doors.  A sample of original wallpaper from the 1840s, which was uncovered during the 2006 renovation, is displayed in the Lincoln Room.

Since purchasing the property in 2002, Bill and Shirley Robinson (the current owners) have worked steadily towards creation of a true Victorian Era hotel, but with updated guest amenities.  They have added original crystal light fixtures, placed Victorian furniture throughout, painted and decorated the guest rooms in bold colors, and added literally hundreds of original and replica Victorian Era pictures, prints, documents and mirrors.  Guests often comment on how much they enjoy the feel of this old, historic hotel.

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Copy of a guest registration log dated December 8, 1900 from Hotel Millersburg (formerly Central Hotel).  The last entry may be the signature of the 22nd & 24th President of the United States, Grover Cleveland.

The original registration log is located at the Victorian House & Museum in Millersburg.
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